Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Perfect Pairs Tangy Sesame Coated Pork Chops From Recipething And The Pizzini Stuffed Zucchinis From Recipes I Want To Try

 I present to you another fine addition of Perfect Pairs. An ongoing quest for finding awesome recipes! Both of these recipes are delicious. This was so good I want to share these recipes with you! I hope you like them! I added onion and garlic powder and cheddar cheese to the Pizzini Stuffed Zucchinis. This recipe has a lot of potential for other ingredients like red pepper sausage or other items. The Pizzini has special meaning for me. LOL. I have used Recipething allot lately. You should definitely check out their homepage.

Tangy Sesame Coated Pork Chops link  HERE

Recipething home page HERE

The Pizzini link HERE

Recipes I want To Try home page HERE

Saturday, March 5, 2016

I know What You Are Thinking!

I tried it and they got it right! Amazing!